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Managed WiFi (Wiz-Fi)

The demand for stable WIFI networks increases year by year. People work less and less in a fixed workplace in the office and more and more in meeting rooms, at flexi-desks, at home, at the airport and in hotels and cafés. In order to benefit from this freedom, without costs for mobile phone networks, companies are increasingly using wireless networks and WIFI-hotspots to stay in contact with colleagues, customers and partners via internet. Purchase, installation and configuration, however, seldom runs like clockwork and the daily management can also cause the necessary headaches. Wizzbit has the answer: Wiz-FI. Wizzbit Wiz-FI offers you an all-inclusive solution for a fixed monthly fee.

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How does it work?

Wiz-FI is wireless internet (WIFI) that supplements your current cabled network. With this service we provide a secured private network and a public guest network. Wizzbit is responsible for the entire installation and configuration of the WIFI network.

Wizzbit cooperates with Ruckus equipment, market leader in the field of WIFI. The Wiz-FI-solution consists of two parts, namely access points and a supporting controller. This controller can be found in the Wizzbit-Cloud.

By applying a controller-based solution it’s possible to intelligently link several access points to allow users to switch spaces without losing the connection. The controller is intelligent as well. That is because the controller can see if there are any disturbance sources from, for example, other WIFI networks, present. The controller will order the access point to go to another disturbance-free frequency.

The WIFI network is managed from the cloud. Wizzbit operates the controller and access points remotely. That’s why we can always see what’s happening in the network. This guarantees the wireless network’s availability, band width, coverage and safety.

Wizzbit takes care of the full installation and configuration of the wireless network.  Any cabling activities will be in consultation.

The benefits at a glance

  • Separated WIFI networks for own use and for guests/visitors/various companies
  • WIFI for, among other, visitors from associations, hospitality industry, education, healthcare institutions and stores.
  • Extremely high WIFI quality with a 40 metre range.
  • up to 150 simultaneous users per access point
  • Adjustable WIFI-name (and) (SSID)
  • Facebook Check-in
  • LinkedIn Check-in
  • Roaming at several access points
  • Guest WIFI with own entry portal
  • Configuration by Wizzbit (excl. cabling and looping through)
  • Wizzbit takes care of the entire remote operation and maintenance
  • Any cabling costs come at a clear extra charge

WIFI for every company!

Fast, stable and safe wireless networks offer unparalleled possibilities for innovation and growth in any branch. We advice, install and operate!

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Social WiFi

Connecting guests at the office to a safe guest network by, for example, simply logging in on your Facebook or LinkedIN account? Not a problem with our solution!

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Wireless LAN Site Survey

The WIFI Site Survey is used to examine your company for disturbing factors so that you will not be faced with surprises and your wireless network to function perfectly.

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WiFi Site Survey

WIFI has become an indispensible part of society.  We all have 1 or more devices with wireless connection. It’s also an extra service to guests when they can simply make a WIFI connection at your office. But how can you ensure sufficient coverage and the mapping out of any disturbance sources as well as action being taken? Exactly: by using a Site Survey. Whether it’s an existing or new WIFI network that causes trouble, a Site Survey is definitely recommendable.

A Site Survey means that your ICT Colleague will carry out an on-the-spot professional spectrum analysis. Based on this analysis, we will give you (brand) independent advice about the access points to be placed and the location thereof for an optimum coverage of your WIFI network. Disturbance sources will also be mapped and, in the case of a new network, we can advise you on the placement of the access points.

Apply for your WIFI Site Survey now!

Apply for the WIFI Site Survey now and improve your WIFI network. Contact us via 070 3943200 or enter your data in the contact sheet.

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