"A new website? That could be the answer. Have you, however, asked the right question?"

A new website? What you need to think about:

If you want to renew your current website or launch a new one then it’s good to keep a roadmap of the trajectory in mind. A website is always a means, never and end which means that usability (user-friendliness) and conversion optimization (that visitors to your website do what you want them to do, for example, register for a newsletter, apply for information, buying products should be central. The look should appeal to your target group. That’s why you need a good coherence between form, text and reputation. Pay attention to both authentic photography as well as video. Your website should also be responsive. And of course you want your website to be found by your target group: don’t underestimate the effectiveness of search engine optimization (SEO).

1. Logo
Your logo tells customers what your company stands for. Does your logo still fits your companies identity? When your going to invest in a new website, take a critical look at your logo aswell.

2. Photography
Your company is the people that work there, even more than it is your product. At least that is our opinion. Trough professional photography you can give potential customers a look behind the scenes in order to create a connection.

3. Texts
Who are your customers? Why should they come to you instead of your competitor? The story you tell on your website should fit you as well as your customers. Clear and well structured texts are also crucial for a good ranking on google.

4. Mobile friendly 
An old website can still look good. But usually an old website wont work well on a mobile device. Nowadays over 50% of all websites are being visited with a mobile device. So an mobile unfriendly website is often the reason for people to leave the site early. Also mobile friendliness is crucial for a good ranking on google.

5. SEO
SEO or search engine optimisation important for your ranking in Google. When you have build a technical correct website, you can improve your Google ranking with well thought out texsts of minimal 300 words. By using the exact search terms potential customers use in Google to find businesses like yours you increase the chance people will find your site.

6. Video/animatie
Use a professional video to showcase the people behind your product. In that way you can use their expertise and introduce them to your customers. Or you can use an animation to simply explain in a few steps how your process or product works. Clear and convincing.

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