System management

All-in One

Stability and continuity of the ICET-environment is crucial to any company. That’s why you have a system manager or a support-department at your company – or not. That’s when you can give us a call whenever you need to. With an All in One-subscription you literally have access day and night – well, evening – to reliable ICT-service.

Sometimes you just need an extra pair of hands. The system manage is on holiday and there’s work to be done. Or you run into an ICT-problem that you can’t solve in-house. Or you want advice on a complex ICT-issue. All you have to do is call your Wizzbit ICT-colleague. You’ll get support via telephone, online or live, depending on what you need. Payment is just as easy, via a “strippenkaart” with time units. Subscription or “strippenkaart”, as reliable ICT-colleague we’re only a mouse click away.


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On call

Support only when you want it? You got it. You’re in control of the costs and you determine when a problem should be solved by the ICT-colleagues.

Activities on an hourly basis, with no call-out charges!

Cloud Support

Unlimited remote support during office hours. For a fixed fee per employee OR computer you are assured of a direct helpdesk. Ideal for your portable office.

Fixed fee per month per employee for unlimited support.

All-in management

For remote and on-site support, 24/7 support from a technical team and fixed agreements for planned visits. We’ll handle it for a set tariff so that there won’t be any confusion about the price, hours or problems involved. I hear you thinking “real all-in”? What’s the catch?” – There isn’t any. We profit from a trouble-free computer environment.

Fixed amount per month per employee including on-site support.

Wizzbit has already provided system management solution for: