Calls, email, internet, we just tell it like it is. We understand our profession even without tech-talk. And you can understand us.

Optimum Workplace

Of course we can show off our knowledge and give a list of the computer brands we work with, the pros of Hosted Exchange, all DSL-types, the CMS-systems we master, etc., etc. But we don’t think that’s what you’re expecting at all. What we think you want to know is how to create an optimum workplace. It’s good then to be able to leave the technical design to a colleague who knows what s/he’s doing. Wizzbit will take care of your ICT-worries.

Do you have questions or do you want specific advice for your company or situation?  You can contact us on: 070-394 32 00

System management

Everything at your work place should function correctly – that’s what we’re here for.


Reliable and fast internet is essential, we’ve got it.


Always being available by phone, it’s a must.


Checking your email anywhere in the world, that’s handy.


We can set up the ideal work place for you.

Customized installation

Back-up and antivirus are important for a stable working environment.

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