Modern work

Hundreds of kilos of paper files? Desks full of Post-Its? Can you only work at the office? In 2001 this was very normal. Windows NT was running on all computers and downtime could go up to two days. It was a slow intention.

By the time 2010 arrived, major improvements had already been made. More and more things went over the internet. You could now also easily work from home with the rise of the laptop and servers. E-mailing had also become the standard and downtime was only about two hours.

These days we can work wherever and whenever we want; everything is in the cloud and everyone can reach everything. Telephoning is now also over the internet, so that you can be reached anywhere, anytime. Downtime may now only take ten minutes.

Through the internet we have started collecting and deploying more data than ever before. Software has become better and smarter. Everything so that we can work faster and more efficiently. This of course also includes safety rules such as the AVG.

All these improvements in technology and safety are great, but you have to keep up. At Wizzbit we gladly take this care out of your hands and we ensure that you can work as efficiently as possible.

At Wizzbit we have a broad knowledge of optimizing and modernizing the working environment. The Wizzbit experts will gladly help you to see what really fits your company and how we can make it as optimal as possible.

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Azure AD

Complete control over software within your company network

Power BI

A complete picture of all collected data

Office 365

All tools at your disposal wherever and whenever you want


From a 27 “screen to a USB cable. We deliver the hardware you can build on, now and in the future.


Support from the IT colleagues from Wizzbit. It never runs without problems, unfortunately, we are happy to help with all the bumps on the road.


Van het kabels trekken tot het monitoren van de internetlijn. Wij zorgen dat je up-and-running bent, want zonder internet kun je praktisch niets.

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