Meet the ICT Colleagues

The fastest connection, the best technology, the latest gadgets, the most recent developments, ICT keeps us occupied day and night. A tic we can’t grow out off.  Although we have bits and bytes in our blood, we don’t implement the latest technologies as headless chickens but test them thoroughly on usability. We feel that ICT should make your life nicer, easier, safer and more efficient. That is the starting point. It’s not your need that’s central but what you may need and what’s best for your company and situation. Honest advice, even if you should not need us.

So, nicer, easier, safer and more efficient. That’s why we have designed the WIFI-bicycle and the Live OV app, which gives you an overview of the exact location of all trams, busses and some of the trains and Randstadrail in the Netherlands. We are also huge fans – and the only Platinum Partner in the Netherlands since July 2015– of PRTG, a fantastic network monitoring tool for IT specialists.

Wizzbit offers usable ICT-solutions that are safe, fast and easy to use – whether it’s for calls, email, websites, intranet and web applications, systems management, CMS and computer support. Your ICT-colleagues in the field, actually a bunch of super nerds who also know how to bring it.

Nice to know: all Wizzbit professionals are BHV (in-house emergency service)-certified. We not only take care of your technical safety but also of your physical one.

Wizzbit summarized in three key words? That would have to be reliability, passion and flexibility.

Are you curious which solution fits your company and situation best? Email or call one of your ICT-colleagues in the field for non-binding advice: 070-394 32 00

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Meet the ICT Colleagues

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Things we did!

We have done all kinds of internal projects through the years. Below you’ll find a selection of the projects we are the proudest of.

Stop sign monitor

We had been contemplating for a while how we could keep an eye on our monitoring system on the lower floor. And this is the result: a French stop sign with Arduino itself keeping an eye on our monitoring system. As a result, the stop sign warns us if any errors or warnings occur in our monitoring system.

The Wifibike

Nothing is as annoying as going on a bike ride and stop at a spot with little to no reach and no WIFI. That’s why we came up with the WIFI bike. An ordinary bike equipped with a small variant of our temporary internet solution. This way you have WIFI anywhere, anytime.

The fun-pulley

Being an IT-professional you have a great need for power. Similarly, at the big table in the middle of the room. It’s boring to have a cable lying on the floor or dangling from the ceiling from the cable duct. That’s why we came up with the fun-pulley! The pulley is equipped with two Arduinos that lower or pull-up the power cable controlled from a mobile app. As a result, we have power whenever we need it.