Process automation

Everything seems to be running smoothly in your company. But still there’s more to get when it comes to internal communication. Not because of a lack of leadership, but because it’s impossible to keep up to date with the multitude of technological developments. We are, however, up to date – it’s our profession. And we can’t help but being professional idiots. Many applications offer possibilities to speed up daily actions. A selection: link between bookkeeping and your bank account, mileage registration systems on your smart phone, automatic time registration.

Customized solution

But suppose that two systems can’t communicate with each other? Or what if you would like to make a small addition to an existing system? We offer customized solutions which we build in a so-called framework such as Symfony, NEOS or Flow3.

Your company surely isn’t run of the mill, is it? There you go! That’s why we offer customized solutions. Contact us and we’ll discuss the possibilities with you. 070-394 32 00