"100% privacy en security. Because you don't want just anybody
to read your confidential emails."

No waiting period for email

Email should always be available, period. Of course the email system has to offer optimum safety and safeguard your privacy. We understand that. You don’t want to be worrying about hardware, technology, expensive investments and unintelligible tech talk. What you do want is professional advice from experts in specialist terms or in plain language – it’s up to you. And quick support at all times, surely we’re not going to let a colleague hanging?

Microsoft Partner Office 365

We work together more and more mobile. From home or at the flex desk, we increasingly work on a project basis: with colleagues in the office or with customers around the world. Wizzbit helps you to work well, quickly and, above all, safely and flexibly. One of the packages that can do this is Office365 from Microsoft. These are the best office programs that you are used to (Word and Excel, supplemented with cloud and communication services such as Outlook, Sharepoint and Onedrive).

With this total package you have a solution for everything that your office has to deal with. Logging in and working is possible everywhere. You can easily organize meetings and video conferences online. Files and projects are always available and you can share with each other: whether on your PC, Mac, laptop or smartphone.

Wizzbit is a Microsoft Partner for Office365, Microsoft Sharepoint and Onedrive integrations. You can come to us for advice on the best options for your company. We take a critical look at which subscription suits you best, which applications you do and do not need and we arrange the licenses for you. So that you know for sure that everything just works and that you never pay too much. In addition, of course, we always provide a back-up, also on location, because security and safety have become extra important with cloud services such as these.

Do you use all the options of your office package? Secure collaboration, always and everywhere. Discover the handy lifehacks from Office365.

Do you want more information or do you want to know which email product fits your company best? You can contact us on:

info@wizzbit.nl 070-394 32 00

What actually is Cloud?

Gmail, Google’s online email program, is a fast email solution with large storage and excellent anti-spam.

Hosted Exchange allows you to store your data in our data center with daily back-ups.


Office 365 allows you to store your data in the cloud and offers you the complete office software, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Wizzbit has provided email solutions for, among others: