"In a time of abundance, making choices is sometimes difficult. Choosing becomes a whole lot easier with the right knowledge"

Workplace automation

You have to make many choices with regard to the design of workplaces and the creation of ICT-networks in your company. Which type of computer, server, phone and network to choose? Which capacity power station? Do you need any specific software? Wizzbit can think along with you answering all of these questions. We supply the entire range of, among others, Dell, Apple and HP and we have a good overview of all new developments. Reliable advice, so no regrets about your investments later on. An All in One-subscription takes care of the entire design, configuration, operation and maintenance and allows you to buy hardware and software at extra favourable tariffs.

Do you want to know more about designing the ideal workplace for your company? You can contact us on:

info@wizzbit.nl 070-394 32 00

Mobile workplace

Since the introduction of the New Way of Working it’s no longer necessary for each employee to have a computer. How do you make sure that s/he is easily accessible: do you buy each employee his/her own laptop, tablet or smart phone? Which subscription is favourable when you do? It takes a lot of time finding out what’s most economical in your situation. Save yourself that time and ask your ICT-colleagues in the field – after all, they deal with this on a daily basis.

Home office

More and more people are working from home. That does, however, requires things; a safe laptop with a secured VPN connection to the server for example. And when calls have to be made it would be nice if the employee can use the company’s internal number. We have listed all of this for you.

Presentation area

Would you like an area where you can present? This we can also design for you. With, for example, various video projectors, power outlets for the entire area, presentation desk with all the trimmings or a tablet app that enables the presenter to walk around. You name it, we can do it. Please contact us for comprehensive advice and possibilities.