Customized Installation

Your workplace is not complete without a number of software packages.  For example, software that is essential for safety, preventing spam and periodic backups. We have a package for each and every one of those. Ask your ICT- colleague for more information.

Do you have any questions about these software applications? You can contact us on: 070-394 32 00


Where would your company be today without your customer base, strategic documents, correspondence, bookkeeping, graphic designs and contracts? You cannot even begin to imagine…. Let us imagine it for you. A good backup system is essential. That’s why we use Back-up WorX, voted ‘Best in Test’ by us as experts.


Spyware, worms, rootkits, Trojan horses: beautiful names but you wouldn’t want any of this malware to infect your computer. Antivirus software stops malicious software, tracks it down and removes it if possible. A mere € 4 per computer/server per month protects you against this via F-Secure FSB antivirus.

Email management

Email flows in incessantly. You want to answer and handle these efficiently and effectively, without disturbance from spam or phishing emails. We use F-Secure MSG for our email flow service. This is a powerful tool that filters incoming and outgoing emails, encrypts them, blocks data leaks and makes sure that you can safely communicate online.