"Practice what you preach Of course you can always reach us
by telephone anywhere, anytime."

Stable and accessible 24/7

Being accessible by telephone, anywhere and anytime is no luxury to us, but a must. How that connection is established is our expertise. We impose substantial demands to accessibility and stability, which is why we only use the KPN-network.  Wizzbit will find out which solution is the most economical for your company or specific situation.

Mobile, VOIP or virtual office

Unlimited calls and texts to all phone numbers in the Netherlands.  Wizzbit offers a mobile subscription with predictable and organized costs – without any surprises later on.  Internet calls are one step further. A huge advantage of VoIP is a major saving on your phone costs. Want to be accessible during meetings and client visits as well?  Then opt for a virtual office where you have all the facilities of a telephone switchboard.

Whichever mobile solution meets your needs, Wizzbit thinks along with you!

Call Recording – Improve the quality and effectiveness of telephone conversations

There are many ways to communicate with customers and telephone contact is one of the most important. It does not really matter much what the nature of the contact is; a question, a complaint or a sale, the personal contact ensures that the message arrives much better at the recipient. Knowing more? Then read on on the Call Recording page.

Professional Voice-over for business telephony

“Hello, welcome to …” It sounds so simple and obvious, but to communicate this short moment of communication professionally, it takes a bit more than you would expect. We often find that this is also a stumbling block for entrepreneurs. Knowing more? Then read on on the Voice-over page.

Do you want more information or do you want to know which telephony-solution fits your company best? You can contact us on:

info@wizzbit.nl 070-394 32 00

What actually is VoIP?

Mobile telephony

A mobile phone is preferable for many people. Wizzbit’s mobile phone subscription with unlimited calls and texts to phone numbers in the Netherlands guarantees no surprises later on.

Fixed telephony

For many companies a phone on each desk is still a requirement. Wizzbit’s fixed telephony offers you the variant that fits best.

Working from home

One of the biggest cons of working from home was not being able to make calls from your business Phone number. That’s all in the past now! You can now make calls from your internal business Phone number from your home.

Wizzbit has provided telephony solutions for, among others: